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. The Last Name of SPINELLA was a French and Spanish topographic name for someone who lived by a prominent thorn-bush, extrapolated from the Old French word ESPINE, and rendered in medieval documents in the Latin form SPINA. It may also have been a name given to a person who lived in or near an area overgrown with such bushes. The name has numerous variant spellings which include LEPINE, DELEPINE, ESPINE, ESPINAS, SPINO, SPINI, SPINETTI and ESPINOS, to name but a few. French, or rather Norman French, was the language of the aristocracy and the upper classes in England at the time stable last names were being developed, it is therefore not surprising that many of our well-known family names are extrapolated from French words. Originally only Christian or personal names were used, and although a few came into being during the 10th century, last na... If you want to read more download the App on the App Store...

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